Preventive and Family Dentistry

Preventive Dental Care for the whole family

At Holy City Dentistry, we want to be your partner when it comes to oral health. Establishing a lasting relationship with Dr. Castles and our team will help you and your children keep your beautiful smiles for decades.

What is preventive dentistry?

Just as the name implies, preventive dentistry helps prevent problems with your teeth and gums from developing, like cavities and gingivitis. Being proactive in taking care of your teeth and coming in for regular check-ups reduces the chances of you needing restorative services now or later in life.

Preventing injury to your teeth and gums while playing sports is another way to proactively care for your smile.

Our preventive care services include:

  •     Dental exams by Dr. Greenfield with x-rays
  •     Teeth cleanings
  •     Periodontal treatment (gum disease treatment)
  •     Fluoride treatment
  •     Dental sealants
  •     Oral cancer screenings
  •     Athletic mouthguards
  •     Nightguards for Bruxism (teeth clenching or jaw grinding)

The benefits of going to a family dentist

The obvious benefits of going to a family dentistry practice are it’s more convenient to schedule appointments for multiple people at the same place, and you are only dealing with one billing department.

It also eliminates the need to introduce them to a new office and staff and transfer their dental history when they start to outgrow their pediatric dentist.

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